Youth Basketball

Youth Basketball

2-Ball Basketball League
Fun competitive game with one partner vs. another team of two players. Object is to make 3-point shots from marked locations around the 3-point line. To start, each team has one player rebounding while the other is placed at one circle on opposite ends of the baseline. If the basket attempt is made, then the shooter moves accordingly to the next marked shooting spot and so on. If the shot is missed then the shooter switches places with the rebounding teammate. First team to go make all shots around and back within time limit wins. 10 shots total there and back with the second baseline shot having to be made twice on the return. If time expires, the team in the lead is the winner. Three games will be played, and best two of three wins. For example should your team win first two games you win. Should first two games be split one to one then third game winner decides the tiebreak. Teams will play 2 opponents each week. Weeks 1-4 will be a round robin, while week 5 will be a mini tournament. Must register with another player! Limited to 16 players, or 8 teams, per division.

November 17th, 2020 Update:
With the new health department restrictions, The Northville Community Center will be closed for classes until at least December 8th. Therefore, we will be postponing the 2-Ball League, in the hopes we can pick them back up if the health order restrictions are lifted on December 8th. 

If you have any questions please feel free to email

Important Registration Information:
Must register in person or by email. Important that both players register at the same time! This will ensure that they are placed together. 

If registering in-person, please including the following:
1. Individual registration for both players
2. Payment for both players

If registering by email, please include the following:
1. Name of two players on team
2. What grade each player is in
3. Parent's email for each player
4. And if you do not have an online account:
- address, phone number & email

Once we receive your email, we will manually register each player, separately, where you can then go in and pay on your online account.  You will have 24 hours to make a payment. If payment is not received you will be removed from the roster
Emails are to be sent to David Lesmeister at

Program Information: 
Resident Registration: October 9
Non-Resident Registration: October 16
Registration Deadline: October 23rd at 4:30pm
Season: Saturdays, November 7-December 12 (5 weeks) No league play 11/28
Location: Northville Community Center Gym
Time: Between 8:30am-7:30pm (consistent time slots for grade levels will be determined during scheduling. (i.e. 8:30-10:30am, 10:30-12:30pm, etc.)
(Game time maximum is 5 minutes)
Fee: $80/player, Non-Resident: $90/player
Boys: Grades 5-6: 300F
Grades 7-8: 301F
Grades 9-10: 302F
Grades 11-12: 303F
Girls: Grades: 6-8: 304F

Doubleheaders: Games spaced 20 minutes apart
Weeks 1-4: round robin
Week 5: mini tourney (seeds 1-4 and seeds 5-8)

Covid-19 Safety Protocol:
- Must conduct daily symptom assessments by parents and players (self-evaluation), prior to arrival at facility. Anyone not feeling well or experiencing symptoms of Covid-19 (fever, shortness of breath, atypical cough, etc.) should stay home.
- Masks must be worn by players, spectators, workers, at all times in the building, including while playing
- All players and spectators must adhere to physical six-foot social distancing, unless playing
- Players are asked to bring their own ball
- Bring your own water container
- Bring necessary sanitizing products for before/after game
- Sanitize/wipe down ball prior to game
- No handshakes, fit bumps, high fives or touching of any sort
- No sharing of anything, besides basketball
- No socializing after game: kids/spectators must leave gym immediately after game. Please arrive no earlier than 10 minutes prior to start of your scheduled game.
- All players enter through north door and exit through south door
- There will be a court supervisor at each court/game to ensure player safety, rules, and final scoring
- 2 spectators per participant

Northville Parks and Recreation
700 W. Baseline Rd.
Northville, MI 48167
(248) 349-0203
Weather Hotline:(248) 449-9951