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Northville is one of several Michigan communities that have brought the dog park experience to their residents.  The Northville system currently includes two dog parks, Cady Street (.7 acres) and Marv Gans Community Park (4 acres).  Both parks are popular and have a number of regular users.

The success of the Northville Dog Parks is due in part to the unique, mandatory education session that is required for all potential system users. Many dog parks require only vaccinations to participate, while the Northville system requires dog license, vaccinations and education on dog park rules.  We believe that our requirements result in a better educated participant who understands their responsibility as a dog park user.  

Dog Park Membership Application

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Dog Park Annual Pass Fees (good for 1 year from registered date)

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  • Combination Pass - for access at both Cady Street and Marv Gans Community Park - $40 residents, $80 non-residents
  • Cady Street Pass - for access at Cady Street Park - $30 residents, $60 non-residents
  • Marv Gans Community Park Pass - for access at Community Pass - $30 residents, $60 non-residents
  • Extra Dog (up to 3) - $12 each
  • $20 Fob deposit (resident & non-resident), $10 will be refunded when fob is returned
Renewal Requirements:
  • updated proof of several required vaccinations & expiration dates (Rabies, DHLPP, and Boardatella)
  • Updated dog tag license from the city, township, or village of residence
  • Payment to retain a key fob park access -$30 residents: single park (Community/Novi or Cady Street), $40 resident combo (Both Community/Novi and Cady Street)
  • Key fob number
Park Hours / Location
Cady Street Dog Park
(behind the Northville Art House 215 W. Cady Street)

Monday - Friday:
9:00am - 8:00pm or dusk, whichever is earlier.

Saturday - Sunday:
10:00am - 7:00pm or dusk, whichever is earlier.

Community Park Dog Park
(enter at Five Mile Road entrance, just west of Beck)
7 days a week:
7:00am - 9:00pm or dusk, whichever is earlier.

Novi Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Services has partnered with Northville Parks & Recreation to allow members of the Northville Community Park access into the Novi Dog Park, 42390 Nick Lidstrom Drive, Novi, through the use of your Northville issued key fob.

For additional questions, contact our front desk at 248-349-0203

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