Community Partners

Community Partners

Northville Public Schools is a key stakeholder, providing office space and critical recreation space for indoor programs. The gyms support daytime use of over 1,000 students and are programmed in the evening for community recreation programs. Since the high school gym is not available for public use, there is a high demand for 2 full size indoor gym facilities. The connection between an active and healthy youth and recreation helps support a successful community. Cooperation with public schools is an area of opportunity for expanding recreation. 

Northville Soccer Association:

Northville Baseball/Softball Association:

Northville Art House:
Northville Art House brings the best exhibits and art education to Northville and surrounding communities. They offer a variety of programs and services:

Thayers Corner
is a volunteer group that operates 100 community garden plots; approximately 75% of them are used by city or township residents. This group connects with a large representation of the ethnic diversity within the community.

Friends of Maybury is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting Maybury State Park and provides nature education and other programs such as day camps and the State Park. 

The Community Foundation is a funding source for senior programs and other events such as Maybury Farm extravaganza.

The Northville Downtown Development Authority provides community events such as art and entertainment that is in close proximity to local park facilities.

Other volunteer groups in the community include:

• Boy Scouts of America
• Country Garden Club
• Eclipse Baseball Club of Northville
• Friends of Parks and Recreation
• Huron Valley Girl Scout Council
• Johnson Creek Protection Group
• Mother's Club of Northville
• Northville Arts Commission
• Northville District Library
• Northville Garden Club
• Northville Historical Society
• Northville Colts Football Association
• Northville Youth Assistance
• Plymouth Symphony Orchestra
• Schoolcraft College
• Western Wayne County Therapeutic Recreation

Northville Parks and Recreation
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